Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pictures! And a rant about Facebook...

Anthony, our freakin phenomenal photographer, just posted a sneak peak of our pics on Mike's Facebook page......... And they're freakin HOT!

I stole a couple for the blog, emphasis on the word stole, for those of you who may not be on Facebook. I, like so precious few other people, am NOT on Facebook. For a while Mike was standing strong with me in The Resistance, but he caved last week. It was pretty ironic actually-- he's only worked in the Internet biz for, oh, a decade and finally last week for no particular reason at all he's like "Oh hey wow, this Facebook thing is pretty cool!" So now he's on Facebook and all of our pictures from the honeymoon are on Facebook and now our professional photos from the wedding are on Facebook, but I'm NOT on Facebook.

Seriously, the pressure to get on FB grows stronger every day. All you Facebook pushers should be ashamed of yourselves. You'll seriously stop at nothing! My cousin won't even send me photos of her kids because she says "Well.... if you were on Facebook you could see them." My own flesh and blood. Nice.
But I will not be coerced. I gave my word to Maura and Fareeda that I wouldn't do it, and while I am beginning to feel like we may end up as the last three standing, I am not getting on Facebook.

......I may however continue to ogle our photos on Mike's FB page.

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