Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anyone up for hiking a volcano?

Diamond Head rocks!! After we (or I should said I ) completed my retail therapy session, we headed around the corner from Waikiki Beach to Diamond Head, an actual volcano and one of Hawaii's most recognizable sights. The volcano is dormant and is hike-able for the daring and fit. (Rich, you would be so proud of Mike-- he hiked it like a champ!) You definitely get the impression though as you approach the base of the volcano that the parks Commission is trying to talk you out of the idea of hiking to the top. First there are signs that say "Warning: the climb is strenuous and challenging." No problem there-- I love strenuous and challenging! Then there are still more warnings that say "Caution: Falling Rocks May Cause Death." Okay, that one was pretty creepy, but we were undeterred. Besides, there were all these Harajuku chicks who clearly just got off the tour bus and were heading on up in their flip flops and Gucci heels. Seriously. I spotted more than one pair of Gucci kitten heels. Gotta give these women credit for living the credo Style before Comfort. So onward and upward!

The hike was challenging, as promised, but very very cool. And the views were out of this world, as evidenced by Mike's amazing photos. The header of this blog is us at the summit.

The last photo is my favorite though. Previously unbeknowst to me, I have a fear of heights. Once we started our descent, I got a wee bit freaked out and started proceeding verrrrry gingerly. Or Tulip-like as Mike likes to say. He snapped this last one about mid-way down the volcano. Priceless.

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