Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fish Tacos!

After the climb we were STARVED. I mean, hungry to the point where we weren't going to make it back to the hotel without eating. Fortunately in Oahu (and I'm guessing on the other islands as well) there are strategically positioned fish taco stands just where you need them. So I made Mike pull over at this truck on the side of the road. Now, mind you, back home in New York I am not one to frequent the food carts and generally find something mildly revolting about meat served from the back of a truck, but as they say, When in Rome... And as you adventurous eaters out there probably expected, the food was amazing! As in finger-licking good. Wow. I had the freshest ahi tuna I can remember ever eating, Mike had the steak and we both shared an order of shrimp. Like everything else here, lunch was served with sticky rice, which we quickly made disappear as well. In fact we ate so much that we had to cancel our dinner reservation later that Celia from Tori Richards made for us because we were still stuffed. Who needs fancy-schmancy Waikiki Beach restaurants when you've got the Little Yellow Truck?

1 comment:

  1. Fish Tacos! Awesome! Since she was gonna send you guys to that expensive fancy schmancy place, you guys should sing to her the Simon and Garfunkel remix "Ceeeliaaa, you're breakin my bank account, babyyyy!!" I'm glad Mr. and Mrs. Anstett avoided hypoglycemia!!