Monday, November 16, 2009

Football for Breakfast

Hawaii is five hours behind Eastern Standard Time, so the 1:00 games on Sunday were on at 8am here. Which meant, football for breakfast! How cool is that? Sadly the G-men were on a bye this week, so I couldn't really cheer for my team here, but I did wear my jersey. Gotta represent Big Blue. Mike left his jersey home so he did not represent for Dallas (not that I could fault him for that after the Cowgirls' abysmal showing on Sunday).

Quick assessment of football fans in Hawaii: Mike says Fake, I say Weird. There was a large contingent of Seahawk fans (which makes sense given the proximity to Seattle), another contingent of Steelers fans (not sure how that happened but we're seeing a lot of them out here) and then this bizarre amalgam of NFC East fans who seemed to cheer for the Eagles, the Skins and the Cowboys (with the exception of one member of that group who cheered against the 'Boys and received the ridicule of her posse). So basically after every play of each game, somebody was cheering and somebody was jeering. I guess Loud would be a good description of football in Hawaii too.

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