Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lanai is the most gorgeous place we've ever seen!

Holy Guacamole this place is unreal! Mike says that my blog posts are too long so I'll keep this one short and let the pictures speak for themselves. After we checked in at the Four Seasons here in Lanai we got a trail map and set out on a 5 mile hike. We hiked through a rain forest and then through incredibly dry, dusty patches, and when we got to the point lookout we could see Molokai to our left and Maui to our right, which is what you are seeing in these photos. There really are no words to describe what we saw, so I'll stop talking now :)

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  1. 'Holy Guacamole' - ah I'm totally going to start using that! ...although I doubt I can pull it off with the same panache as you :) and I have to disagree with Mike that your blog posts are too long - after all, it's all about the story!