Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is this a Tuesday?

Kudos to all of you who got that Big Lebowski reference!

Exactly as planned, Mike and I got a great night's sleep last night, and since we konked out at about 9pm local time Monday night (that's 2am Tuesday in New York), we woke up early today naturally. We are only spending one day on Oahu so we had a ton of stuff planned to do.

--This may come as a shock to some of you, but my husband really likes to plan things. Not just weddings, but vacations too. And especially, it turns out, honeymoons. Fortunately he is exceedingly good at it. Flying direct from Newark to Honolulu was smart, staying on Oahu instead of hopping an island-jumper after our 10.5 hour flight was really smart, and staying awake on the flight so that we could sleep at the hotel and wake up early to get to Pearl Harbor before the lines was borderline genius.--

Our cousin and Mike's groomsman Mike K. gave us lots of advice for this trip, a lot of which you'll probably see referenced later in this blog. Mike K. got married a couple years ago and came to Hawaii on his honeymoon, so he's full of useful tips like "Under no circumstances should you look at the price tags on things" and "I know I just told you not to look at the price tags on things, but you're going to freak when you see how expensive meals are. So get the breakfast buffet and fill up until dinner. You get the best bang for your buck that way." Sage advice indeed. We marched down to breakfast at about 6:30 this morning and were very impressed with the buffet. However, we did not order the buffet. The a la carte menu was way too tempting. First of all, they clearly got the message that Chrystalle Anstett was coming because there was a whole section called "Fit For You." Yay- I love Fit for Me!! I had to have the Caprese Vegetable Omelette, made with egg whites, asparagus, tear drop tomatoes (a clever marketing spin on grape tomatoes), mushrooms, onions and drizzed with mozzarella cheese. YUM. Mike also was taken with the menu, but not exactly the health-nut section. No. In the non-sequitor to end all non-sequitors, Mike informed the waiter that he "had to pace himself" and so he would like the Aloha Koka Moka: two eggs over easy over a hamburger patty over rice covered over with mushroom gravy. Wow. I'll let you know if he keeps up that pace over the rest of the trip!

At some point during breakfast Mike looked up over the paper at me to say that the market was up over 200 points yesterday. This made me very confused. My first thought was, On Sunday? And then I realized, no, today is Tuesday, so that makes yesterday Monday. And I think that's when it hit me that I am on vacation. (I know, I'm a little slow on the uptake.) Sitting at a table right next to the ocean drinking Hawaiian kona coffee, eating toast with fresh pineapple marmalade, not wearing my watch and without a clue in the world as to what day it is. Absolutely awesome.

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  1. I tried to take my watch off the other day in an attempt to relax and take it easy. However, it zapped me with a taser-like force! Just kidding! I got paranoid I'd be late to meet my boss! You're so lucky you get to forget the concept of a calendar this week! Well deserved, my little Anstett Lovebirds!