Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OMG We Heart the Four Seasons

Warning: you may really, really hate us after you read this. So proceed at your own risk. I am about to tell you just how insanely, redonkulously well we are being treated here in Hawaii. Those prone to fits of jealous rage may wish to stop reading now.

Separate warning for ADD types: if you really don't have the attention span to read this whole long post, I'd recommend just reading point 3. It's a highlight.

Still here? Alright. But you can't be mad now at us now at the end of this post because you were fairly warned.

In a nutshell, we are being spoiled rotten. Prior to Lanai, we had never stayed at a 4S so we didn't really know what to expect. But now that we are here in at the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort in Kona, there is a clear pattern in their service model and so I have no qualms about telling you what you can expect if you should ever lodge with them:

1) Expect to be greeted at the airport. These people do not slack off and wait for you to come to them to start the pamperage. Nope. Whether you need a ride, as we did in Lanai, or not, there will be a representative from the resort there to extend an "Aloha" (or the local equivalent if you're not in Hawaii). Here in Kona we booked a rental car, so the 4S greeter just gave us a friendly smile, tagged our bags for the bellman (to make things smoother once we arrived at the hotel), asked if we needed anything, and then continued on her merry way.

2) Expect check-in to be a really enjoyable experience. How bizarre does that sound? After the way we were welcomed in Lanai, with hot towels for our hands and fresh juice, I was actually looking forward to checking in at Kona. And I was not disappointed. There was the same hot towel treatment, and this time we got delicious tropical cocktails in these really cool miso-soup type bowls. Plus the whole check-in deal goes down while you are sitting on a comfy couch-- the receptionist comes to you to go over everything. Clearly a vast improvement over the usual waiting in line at a counter jazz.

3) Expect them to acknowledge special occasions. We were so surprised by the complimentary treats and champagne at the last 4S, but this time around the bar was set, so our expectations were higher. And man oh man did the Kona 4S come through. Veuve, baby! We're talkin' primo bubbly wrapped up all nice and pretty for us in our room. And that's not all! Kona talked to Lanai and found out what they did for us there, so this time instead of a dessert tray to go with our champagne, we got a gift certificate for a couples' massage! What?? Redonkulous. That's what.

4) Expect them to greet you by name. This may not be as impressive to everyone else as it is to me, but they make it a point here to find out your name and greet you by it, everytime. Given that I absolutely cannot get enough of hearing "Mrs. Anstett," you know I'm loving that :)

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